Just putting this here 

I created this blog long ago but I never really wrote a lot for it because (before) I don’t think there’s anything in my universe worth sharing. Not until one of my idol, hero, opinion leader, influencer (hi Jason!) whatever you call em I think you get it, told me that I should start a music lifestyle blog that I really considered writing regularly for this shiznitt. It was the perfect Idea! I love writing in journals and blogging will just be like what I usually do in my journal but with potential readers who can relate with me. Haha private thoughts wont be as private anymore though.
 So now I’ve been plotting all the things I want to write and hopefully ideas will gracefully come together real soon. 

Music, longboarding, feminism, and that lil thing called ka-emohan. 

I feel inspired and finally there’s something to be excited about.

Naiihi na ko. #realtalk 


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