Acer Liquid Z630

The laptop giant Acer is fast becoming a contender in the highly-saturated smartphone market, and with their new mid-range offering, the Acer Liquid Z630, they plan on making their mark a bit more legible.

Released last September, the Z630 is one of the latest Android-powered smartphones in Acer’s Liquid series, the others being the Z320, Z330, and the Z530. The Z630 is a huge phone with lots of potential, and all at a price that everyone can afford.


The first thing that you will notice about the Z630 is the huge 5.5” high definition screen, perfect for watching videos, viewing photographs and playing games. Even though this is not as thin as most of the other smartphones currently available, the curved sides and back, and faux brushed metal finish does make it easy to hold. Overall, the design of the Liquid Z630 is a good mix of form and function.


The Acer Liquid Z630 has a 1.3GHz quad-core processor powering it, which is quite respectable. The Z630 also runs on Android Lollipop OS with Acer’s Liquid UI on top of it. Coupled with 2 GB of RAM, this means the Z630 can smoothly switch from one task to another. Another great thing about the Z630 is that it comes with 16GB of storage already built-in the device, but if that is not enough storage for your needs, you can expand it using an SD card.


One of the redeeming qualities of the Acer Liquid Z630 is its huge, non-removable, 4000mAH Li-ion battery. This allows users to use the phone for more than a day without the need to charge, and this is with regular to heavy use. Having a large battery means you have to sacrifice a bit when it comes to the thickness and the weight of the phone, but when you think about it, this is actually a good compromise.


Now, onto the cameras. The Acer Liquid Z630 has an 8MP shooter at the back. It has auto-focus, and a single LED flash. It can take quite decent pictures, but the stock camera app does make the colors look a bit washed out. However, compared to the cameras of other smartphones in its price range, that of the Acer Liquid Z630’s is actually pretty darn respectable.

Now, if you’re a selfie-addict, you’ll be glad to know that the Z630 has an 8MP fixed focus front camera. The front cam will enable you to take crystal-clear selfies, and the wide-angle lens means even a large group can fit inside the frame.

The Verdict

Although the Acer Z630 cannot hold a candle against the flagship phones of the other smartphone giants, it does have a lot of redeeming qualities that make it very worthwhile purchase. The huge battery capacity alone should be enough to satisfy most people, couple that with a huge display, awesome build quality, and that nice 8MP front camera, makes the Z630 a contender in the mid-range smartphone market. The Z630 currently sells for P6,990.00, which is a great deal considering all of the great features and benefits it has to offer.

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