When Hayley Williams Liked My Tweet

Paramore is my favorite foreign band and it has been that way since forever. I started liking music because of them. Well before them I liked Evanescence but but but I never related to the goth band as much as I did with Paramore. I remember vigorously looking for Paramore songs in Share Bear and Limewire. Nobody in my circle of friends knows them because duhh I don’t really know why haha maybe because they like Britney Spears? Anyway, Paramore’s first concert here in Manila was the pivotal point of my Paramore obsession. I screamed and screamed and cried and screamed all throughout that motherfreaking concert. Since then I know that I am walking down the aisle with Pmore in the bg, my daughter will be named Hayley, and I will die rocking out to a Pmore original. The whole point of briefly (yes this is brief in terms of the intensity of my feelings for Paramore) explaining my Paramore obsession is because I wanted to write a post about that time Hayley Williams favorited my reply on her tweet.

It was just a motherfreakin buttdamn Twitter favorite but I’m telling you I lost it for the rest of the day when it happened.

I’m still waiting for the next Para Thrilla in Manila but til then I’ll be freakin out every time I  look at these screen caps.


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