Indie Hugot Song: Sakin Ka Lang by RedLightGo! (Single Review)

Hola, chicos and chicas! If you have not seen it yet, please take a moment from your busy day to watch RedLightGo’s latest video, Sakin Ka Lang. Our favorite pogi band recently released a lyric video featuring the studio version of the song and it’s pretty cool. I asked the band who wrote the song and Migs De Guzman (bassist), being his unsure self, said that it was Remar Sabangan (vocals) who wrote the lyrics to this song.

Sakin Ka Lang is definitely a hugot song. It is bitter, sweet, and tragic; it’s everything we look for when searching for songs to sing along to when hurt, broken, or jaded. When asked about the inspiration of the lyric, Remar indulged by recounting a possessive relationship he had with an ex-girlfriend. Just like his past relationship, he described the song as complicated.

“Magulo sya eh, kasi nga tungkol sa magulo at miserableng relasyon. Mag-aaway, mag-hihiwalay, mag-babati, tapos mag aaway ulit.”

He recalled that the phrase ‘sakin ka lang’ is what he and his ex used to say to each other despite of all the issues they have. It’s so cheesy and romantic, right? It is also so screwed up and demented. However, I still think that it’s tragically beautiful; to stay with that one person no matter how complicated it gets. (I will not apologize for that sudden emo moment hahah)

Nico Bacani, the band’s epic guitarist/backup vocals, says he was with Remar when this song was written. They may or may not be high (with love) at the time.

RLG’s take on relationships is mature, realistic, and straight to the point. This is my favorite thing about them and this is also the reason why you should listen to their songs and come to their shows.

They released an EP last year and it is full of youthful hymns just like Sakin Ka Lang. Everyone will definitely find a song they can relate to.

Their EP, NIGHTLIFE, is a combination of pop, rock, punk, and alternative. Even the most conservative chica will find a song she will like from this record.

For latest RLG updates, follow the band’s Facebook page (link below!) Or just check my timeline; I sometimes drive them to their shows. (Hahaha charot, because I’m a fan )

Here’s the video!

Who’s who:
Remar Sabangan – vocals
Adrian Balagot – guitar
Migs De Guzman – bass
Niko Tolipas – drums
Nico Bacani – guitar

Twitter: @_redlightgo

Photos Courtesy of RLG


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