My First Tatoo


I have been dreaming about my tattoo years before I got it. But despite wanting it for so long,  my tattoo appointment wasn’t planned at all and it’s not even an appointment; my friend and I went to the tattoo parlor because we were bored and we were feeling wild.

Parents vs. Tattoos

I got my first tattoo last year during valentine’s day (February 14, 2015). Since I got my 7th ear piercing, I know I had to get my first tattoo (walang konek masyado). It doesn’t show, but I’m really religious; that is why I really really wanted to have a Virgin Mary tattoo. I was almost sure that I am having a Virgin Mary tattoo if not with my extreme fascination with skulls. So in my long contemplation, I have decided to have a Dia de Los Muertos Virgin Mary tattoo. I kept a design I found from the internet to my drive, and from that, I hoped that someday I will really get my ink. I wasn’t sure before because my parents are completely against tattoos. Sometimes I show them designs I like just to find myself being scolded for hours because “tattoos are for addicts” and “nobody in their right mind will get a tattoo.” Obviously, I have conservative parents.

Do Not Get a Tattoo If You’re Sick

We have been drinking and skateboarding for the whole night of February 13. Me and my friend, were nursing a bad hangover and forcing ourselves not to fall asleep when he thought of this brilliant idea of finally getting my tattoo. He has tattoos himself and he has been persuading me to get mine since the day he met me. So, after running out of ideas what to do for valentines, he convinced me to finally go to an artist. Well, it wasn’t a long negotiation because I was running on booze, and coffee, and the cheap ramen he force-fed me.

I didn’t know any tattoo artist personally so naturally, we went to his. His tattoo artist is based in Cavite so I had to endure that long drive while being super duper hangover. That time, I didn’t think that getting a tattoo while hungover and deprived of sleep is a bad idea. But if ever you are going to get a tat, please go to the parlor in your best condition. I became very ill and I was almost hallucinating the first night after getting inked.

My Date With the Needles

It was after lunch when we arrived at the parlor and by this point, I have already forgotten that I’m tired and drunk. I’m already nervous about getting my tattoo. I’m also super excited, of course. I’m not the only customer that day so I had to wait for the other client to finish her consultation. When it was my turn, I showed him the tattoo I wanted and he said we should talk about other options because the design I picked was too complicated. Well, I believed him because it was an original image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It’s almost funny now that I’m sharing it that I showed my tat artist that. So after an hour of brainstorming and researching, he finally showed me a draft of a Dia de Los Muertos Virgin Mary inside an oval mirror frame. I FELL IN LOVE HARD, FAST, and ABSOLUTE.

Three Hours of Pain and Excitement

I wanted my tattoo right in the center of my back, below my nape so I had to wear a tube top for my sesh. It was a 4-inches tattoo so it took him three hours to outline, color, and shade the whole thing. It was painful but It wasn’t painful enough to make me cry or whatever. I didn’t even take a break like wimps do when they get tattoos, haha jokes. I think my pain tolerance is better than others’ because I had dental braces for six years. Ha ha ha ha. We were watching Nightcrawler during the session. Let’s just say that I need to watch it again because I didn’t understand shit. I was too busy feeling all the needles puncturing my ever sensitive skin. I was so into feeling all the pain from the needles and from my lonely single heart I have because it was valentine’s day. CHOS.

Look at my face, that was me faking it hahah


This was my tat before all the shading and color (can you see blood? I can see blood)


And then the majestic first photo. My skin was so irritated but heck it was beautifuuuul~!


After Care, Don’t Care

Whoa, I didn’t even think that hard for my tat aftercare. I just made sure that I wash it daily with soap and I applied the ointment my tat artist recommended. I also always clipped my nails so I won’t accidentally scratch my fresh tattoo that can leave a permanent scar on it. Also included in my after care is making sure that my parents won’t see my new tat. Haha, It has been more than a year since I got my tattoo and they still haven’t seen it. Or maybe they already saw it… but decided not to say anything. Hahaha. My tattoo healed okay without any infections.  I’m super on the verge of getting my second tattoo, I’m just waiting for my best friend to come home from the Middle East so we’ll get a new tat together. 🙂  s/o to Cejs! Hehe


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