Sawi Playlist #1

I have always turned to music for every feeling my heart has ever felt. Having depended on music for coping in every situation, I have curated some songs that I always go to in times of extreme emotions. Sometimes, I become super invested in certain relationships that I find it hard to think of anything else.  To prevent myself from going crazy, I seek help from my favorite artists. This playlist is full of songs that have saved me from me over and over again. I hope you can also find songs that speak  to you on so many levels. All of the songs below are performed by local artists.

Happier This Way by Save Me Hollywood

I WAS AN OBSESSED SMH FAN SINCE I WAS IN COLLEGE. They still haven’t released an album when I first heard of SMH, so when they finally did I became a crazed kid in a toy store.  I watch all their shows and I even bought some band merch. This song became my favorite since the first time I heard it. I was overcoming a lot of things that time so Happier This Way became an anthem for me. 2014 was the year for moving on and new beginnings. Charot.

Absence of Understanding by Drive Me to Juliet

I had a toxic relationship with a guy who doesn’t know how to make a decision for us and for himself. It was hard but I managed to muster the strength to walk away from that relationship. This song represents how much I wanted him to make it okay for us when he clearly can’t. That boy was the most selfish person I’ve ever known. But meh, he out and I’m super okay now.

Martyr by Estrella

I think the title of this song explains why I like it. Haha. I don’t like labeling myself as “martir” but my god I’m the most martir when it comes to dealing with people and relationships. I always try to find the good in any situation. Sometimes it helps but most of the time it’s just something that prevents me from seeing the true colors of people I choose as friends or partners. This song describes how it feels to be a hopeless romantic. It also talks about how to finally say NO when a relationship becomes one-sided. Also, watch out for changing  tempos. Lavet.

Smiley by Now You Make Me Angry

I can still recall it clearly. It was a sunny day in Ortigas when I decided to walk along Emerald Ave. I think I walked from Ortigas Ave. to Julia Vargas twice while listening to Smiley on repeat. I was just feeling super sad that day and I can’t focus on any work. Maybe you can try it too; just walk aimlessly with a sad song playing on your ear pods. It helped me clear out some issues I’ve been having with myself.

Nakaw Tingin by RedLightGo!

I hate to admit it by I know what it feels like to be in the friend zone. It’s almost funny how terrible this situation is.  I know from the start that I can never be more than a friend to this guy I was with but the things we did still make me feel things I shouldn’t. Haha. I’m over it now and I’m not one bit regretful but when I was in the situation, It was torture.  Nakaw Tingin is the perfect song for all the hopia feelings you may have.

Hinga ng Malalim by Silent Sanctuary

This song is the reason why I became an avid fan of this band. I was in a very dark and low point in my life before where all I do is cry and hide in my room. I spent most of my teenage years crying over dumb boys, fake friends, and bad guys who take away all sense of safety and innocence from people. I didn’t really know how to deal with all my problems before so sometimes I would cry for hours. Hinga ng Malalim randomly played in the background while I’m in one of those terrible nights of crying. I usually can’t listen and think clearly when I start crying, but this night was different.  Hearing the lyrics of this song made me stop and think that things in my life can be better.


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