Hashtag Blessed: Bye, 2016! 

The Blessed Project
We have a blogging challenge for this month and it is called #BlessedDecember. Basically, we just need to list all the things that make us feel blessed. I am a very emotional person and as a result I tend to find comfort and happiness in the most random things. Sometimes, just discovering a new song is a form of blessing for me. I listed some of the events and people and things that made my 2016 great. What I listed are not really concrete things like “events and people and things” so I think I just lied? HAHAHA. I also tried to ask some artists what makes them feel blessed, so below you’ll find answers from Jef Roxas (NYMMA), Jason Rondero (Silent Sanctuary), Remar Sabangan (RLG), and Bea Valera.
I hope you enjoy this post.

Our goal is to spread positivity to counter all the bad juju we’ve been having lately. Make your own list too!
I’ll just go ahead and start my list here:

1. That cold and dark moment we experience just before the sunrise
I AM A BIG MORNING PERSON. There is nothing more comforting for me than enjoying a cup of hot something and a good book while waiting for the sun to rise. Every time I am rested enough to wake up this early I get all smooshy emotional.

2. Mother Freakin’ COFFEE
I wish you all understand the important role of coffee in my life. I just love it so much. Sometimes, when I already had so much coffee, I just make a cup and let it sit nearby. I don’t drink it, I just let it exist somewhere close; slowly becoming cold and shyly spreading its sweet aroma all over me. I have also shared so many touching moments with my friends over coffee. 2016 has been the year of coffee winning over beer. HAHA

3. Friends who tolerate me when I’m in the mood to rant
I always feel bad every time I had to drop bad vibes to anyone. I tend to overreact and when something bothers me, IT BOTHERS EVERYONE AROUND ME. hahaha I don’t know where I’ll be without my friends who were there at every emotional meltdown. You always say the right things and you make me feel that even though I’m in a challenging position, I’m not in it alone. MWAH!

4. Friends who tolerate me when I’m exaggeratedly happy
I am a black and white person. I am happy or I am sad, there is no in between emotion. So when I’m happy, I am as exaggerated as to when I’m sad. Sometimes I am annoying to me too.

5. Live Music

OMG I think I watched a thousand gigs and concerts this year. My favorite genre has always been pop punk, but this year I had the opportunity to explore other genres and more local artists.
I think the highlight of my year in music was the In the Mix concert. THAT WAS CRAZY. I watched it alone in the eve of my birthday. It sounds depressing but it really wasn’t. I got to watch Panic at the Disco, James Bay, and The 1975 live. I cried so hard, guys. I think I wrote a poem about this. Hahahhahaha I’m not joking lol.

6. Work/ Work Friends

I just love it that I work with inspiring people everyday. Everyone is so passionate about writing, travelling, music, etc. They make it so hard to feel uninspired. The drive and dedication I see everyday is contagious.

7. Ohana

My family is not perfect but I love them so much. My cousins and I are so much closer than ever. I feel that no matter what problem comes or way, we can get out of it gracefully and together. No Dael is left behind. Charat.

SHARING SOME #BLESSED feels from our friends in the music industry he he he:

“I feel blessed kasi pogi ako”

– Remar Sabangan, RedLightGo!

“Ako thought of death ang nagpapafeeling blessed sakin. Realtalk. Hehe Wala lang. It all ends there eh. Death is its own reward.”

– Jef Roxas, Now You Make Me Angry

“Work and good times with family and friends.”

– Jason Rondero, Silent Sanctuary and Brisom

“Being able to pay rent and bills by myself. Masaya na ako dun. 😂”

– Bea Valera


8 thoughts on “Hashtag Blessed: Bye, 2016! 

    1. hahaha diba ! mahilig din ata sya sa mga suicide stories. lol feeling ko madami ako malalaman sakanya sa future haha lagi ko sya iniinterview. Kapag sumikat sila ako na ang expert sa NYMMA LOL

  1. I like this: “…slowly becoming cold and shyly spreading its sweet aroma all over me.” Gusto ko tong theme na to ng wordpress mo btw. 🙂 At ang daming laman. Catch up reading time! 😀

    1. OMG! Haha thankyou… And medyo ikaw din naman kasi nag suggest ng music theme na blog hehehe yun ba na theme o yung literal theme as in template hahaha 😂😂😂

  2. COOKIE!! “…a cup of hot something and a good book while waiting for the sun to rise.” Love ko rin ‘to. Feeling ko bida ako sa isang Studio Ghibli film. Hahahahaha.

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