Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

Transmogrify means to transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner. Because I am not a witch from Hogwarts, I can only show you a picture that I transformed using photography magic. He he he I have been super excited about this photo challenge project because I have so many printed photos that I have never shared publicly. This photo that I posted for “transmogrify” week was taken using a Pentax K1000 SE 35mm film camera with 50mm F/2 SMC lens. It sounds like a high-powered gun but really it’s just an old camera I used to play with back in college. The photo looks redish because I used an expired film that’s probably bought by my mother during the 90s. haha


This is a place we call the graffiti world. It’s just an empty lot in the heart of Intramuros where wild kids like myself hang out. When I skate here, I also snap some photos for my photography class. The walls around the graffiti world were my favorite subject; aside from the talented skaters of course. Every week, the drawings in the walls change. There are no rules, anyone can put out their art. That is the reason why I’m always excited to go here. I get to practice my board tricks and I get to see different street art from mega talented graffiti artists. They give so much life and culture in this abandoned lot, and I think nothing else is as magical and surprising than that.


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