I Played “Never Have I Ever” With David Archuleta


Did you know that David Archuleta was the first international solo recording artist that I interviewed? And did you know that I cried after interviewing him? hahaha

I was not really expecting to become really emotional but I guess I was overwhelmed. It has been my dream to work in the music industry. For the recent years, this has been what kept me going. Before landing a job at a radio station, I was looking for jobs in music magazines, music channels, and even recording labels. Nothing really worked out for me then so I just started this little music blog. Through this, I get to do what I really love while being stuck in sucky writing jobs. I started interviewing Indie bands and writing about the local music scene because that’s what I’m really passionate about. I am a big music fan. I love talking about music, how it affects people, and how it changes lives.

When I started working in a radio station, I always found myself in a middle of a music event. Every time that happens, I try my best to catch my heart and keep it in its place. My emotions are always on the verge of going overdrive. I guess when I meet David my heart just gave in.

hahaha di ko inexpect na magiging madrama to lol, just watch my video lol, I produced and edited it.

Graphics by Steffi DelosReyes



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