I Got My First Visible Tattoo: The 9 Emotional Stages #InkedByRickyStaAna

I Got My First Visible Tattoo: The 9 Emotional Stages #InkedByRickyStaAna

(based on Bustle’s The 9 Emotional Stages Of Getting A Tattoo blog: http://bit.ly/BustleBlog)

I have been itching to share a picture of my first visible tattoo ever since I got it, but I never posted any because I don’t think I can put all my feelings in just one photo caption.

Just to be clear, this tattoo is not my first. It’s actually my third tattoo, but it’s the first one that is placed on my forearm and is visible all the time. I know there are so many people out there who can relate to my dilemma here. I. WAS. SCARED. SHITLESS.

1. Pure Certainty

My third tattoo was designed by Adora Chloe. She doesn’t know me. (haha) She is a Malaysian artist that shares the same love for Paramore. She draws badass Paramore art. When I saw a design (that she drew) based on Paramore’s song “Idle Worship,” I asked her via dm if it’s ok that I get a tattoo of her drawing and she said yes. The drawing was a skull version of Hayley with a big halo. Skull + Hayley + a religious element = my kind of stuff 🙂

2. Slight Self Doubt

I was sure what tattoo design to get but I never settled to go to any artist. I know I wanted a visible tatt but I’m not sure how would my parents, especially my mother, would react. They (my parents) learned about my tattoos two years after I got them. They were shocked, my mother and her sister scolded me for a while. I don’t know what would they say if I get an ink that’ll be exposed all of the time.

here’s my first tatt

3. Ink Indecisiveness

The tattoo I got was not the first art from Adora Chloe that I wanted. For the longest time I wanted this:


but when a tattoo session became possible, I got a different one 🙂 (but still drawn by Adora Chloe)

4. Extreme Levels Of Excitement

So two weeks before I got inked, I didn’t really know when would be my exact tattoo session. Rebel Aldeguer of Bita and the Botflies was my Tattoo guardian angel. He stumbled upon my first tattoo blog and messaged me about it. He immediately offered to introduce me to Mr. Ricky Sta Ana, the tattoo Dumbledore (because they are good friends). LOL. To cut the story short, I got my tattoo in less than a month after Sir Rebel first contacted me. It was too fast but just like in relationships, it’s not important how long have you been together (or in my case, how long was I planning) If you are really in love with your partner (in my case, tattoo design) you’ll go for it, with no hesitation.

N A K S!

(And I have so much respect for both Sir Rebel and Sir Ricky, I gots no reason to be scared really lol)


more about Bita and the Botflies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-x9UOlFje8

5. Waves Of Anxiety

I. have. high-functioning. anxiety.

and I am not joking.

I was very excited weeks leading to the big tattoo session but when the day came, my body just won’t cooperate. I have been experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety lately and this event was certainly filled with those. My tattoo session was scheduled at 2 PM. By 11 AM my gut started turning, landing me in a mall’s restroom trying to convince myself that I can control my diarrhea through strong willpower #truestory

6. Badass Bravery

The looming judgment that I’m about to face by getting a visible tattoo is taking center stage inside my brain. I know my family won’t be ecstatic about me getting a decent size tattoo. What I’m about to do really scared the shit outta me. I don’t mind the pain, I’m really concerned about how upset am I going to make my perfectionist mother feel. Despite all these, I am still determined to get that tattoo. I’m scared because I know that I won’t be backing down, that I will go through this no matter how many people disagree with me, and I think that’s badass bravery right there (for an anxious girl like moi)

I look so calm diba

7. Living In The Moment

My excitement took over everything when I finally met Mr. Ricky Sta Ana. I read so many articles about him so I know how talented he is in tattooing. I would imagine that to become PHILTAG’s (Philippine Tattoo Artist Guild) president is not an easy feat. I felt so blessed that I got to talk with someone as passionate and purposeful as him. How I wish some of his talents trickled down to me while he was tattooing my forearm.

8. Living In The Moment Of Truth

My tattoo was placed on my forearm so I got to watch all the action unlike with my first two tattoos. My first one was on my back and the second one was on my inner tricep, they were hard to see! Watching Sir Ricky do his thing on my skin was confusing. It was painful but I was so excited. PANO YON 🙂



9. Triumphant Joy








Every tattoo I get feels like a step closer to who I really want to be and an homage to a past that I’m proud I’ve overcome.





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