I Interviewed Jose Pasillas of Incubus

Im posting my Incubus backstage story 🙂 I hope you you wont think I’m only bragging for attention or compliments cause I’m not :’) This has been a dream of mine and I cried and shook and gagged my way here ❤


  1. let’s start here 🙂


2. I try to be funny haha


3. And then I let my true fangirl self show, can’t help but include Kean Cipriano lol


4. and thanks to my Detail matte powder I felt fresh kahit we’ve been standing for hours lol


5. Im still very excited kahit I was alone cause I never thought, in my entire existence, that I can interview anyone from Incubus. I was also just here because no one else is available 😅 Id love to think that everything is kismet ❤ Thankyou, Lord! (and RX bosses 🙌)


6. I tried to entertain myself. We were waiting for our turn and the pressure I put on myself was gigantic. + wala akong american accent kinakabahan ako baka di nila ko maintindihan hahaha

7. I prepared for a 10min interview, hahahah my anxiety is at the maximum level cause I had to make last minute changes
8. Brandon Boyd had to rest his voice before the show so we were not allowed to interview him. But I still saw him backstage huhuhu
9.  and then we were let in to the meet and greet/media room
10. Here’s the full interview! it was published on the Monster RX93.1 Youtube and Facebook page 🙂 I also edited this video so if you have problems with my editing skills please just type in a comment below haha

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