It’s My First Anniversary with The Monster

Today marks my one year anniversary working for Monster RX93.1. When I started, I just wanted to produce enough social media content so they won’t fire me; now I cannot wait to produce fire content and stay here for another year (if they let me hehe)

My favorite part of the job is definitely meeting musicians I looked up to (my whole life) and getting to know them.

I made a Youtube playlist of the artists I interviewed/videos I produced. This is not a complete list but these are some of my favorites.…

I have fulfilled so many of my dreams while working here (guess what haha). I never even dared to dream about meeting Incubus (and interviewing Jose Pasillas) but I did through the Monster! I still have so much to learn about the industry. And it’ll be an honor to do all the learning here. In return, I’ll keep giving all the best I have to offer.

Bye. I’ll be somewhere, listening to my soothing songs cause publishing honest stuff online is something that drives my anxiety to the max. IT’S KIKI’S MONSTER ANNIVERSARY!!! HEHE.


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