Makeup by Dearcookiejar: Rio and Rui

We got more photos from the debut! Huhu I love this look so much. We used gold, pink, and fairy-unicorn-princess shimmer! Jooookes. For the twins, I used Smashbox heat wave palette, MAC eyeshadow palette, and ELF 100. All three palettes don't have names for every shade so I can just say I used gold from … Continue reading Makeup by Dearcookiejar: Rio and Rui


Dye Happy

This post is going to be extremely vain and painfully narcissistic. I have been planning to blog about all the hair colors I had since forever. It’ll be fun to have a place in my site to go to when I feel like reminiscing about all those times I let my hair-dye brush sweep all … Continue reading Dye Happy