Makeup by Dearcookiejar: Rio and Rui

We got more photos from the debut! Huhu I love this look so much. We used gold, pink, and fairy-unicorn-princess shimmer! Jooookes. For the twins, I used Smashbox heat wave palette, MAC eyeshadow palette, and ELF 100. All three palettes don’t have names for every shade so I can just say I used gold from Smashbox, matte nude from MAC, and pink and gold shimmer from Elf. We decided to go for a simple glam look for both. We did a little contouring to enhance their already beautiful face and finished the look off with rosy matte lips brought to you by kumareng Kylie.

Initially, I applied a darker lip color to Rio and I over lined her lips, haha but she said she wants a sweeter look so we went for pink instead, and no over line (because she’s bungangera already) Good thing we’re cousins, no problem communicating.

We only had to retouch the powder because of all the sweating and crying, but eveything else lasted until the end of the party.

I loooooove helping friends and family with DIY events. I find occasions like this bring out the best in everyone. Talent!! 💜💜🌷🌷🎈🎈
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Photos by Creative Juices

Dye Happy

This post is going to be extremely vain and painfully narcissistic.

I have been planning to blog about all the hair colors I had since forever. It’ll be fun to have a place in my site to go to when I feel like reminiscing about all those times I let my hair-dye brush sweep all the blues away (not literally because I dyed my hair blue using that same brush).

I have been committed to a life of hair maintenance since I bleached and dyed my hair in 2013. My first loud color was red. The bleaching and dyeing were done by a professional, my mother’s hairdresser in particular.  Every girl who had had their roots bleached would understand the pain I went through the first time I bleached my scalp. But  I guess It wasn’t that painful because I bleached my hair four more times after that and dyed it for only God knows how many more times.

I didn’t always ask the salon to dye my hair because their services are hot damn expensive. Eventually, I learned how to dye, cut, and treat my own locks. I dyed my hair every other week, channeling Hayley Williams and Ramona Flowers.  I’m not sure if this is something I should be proud of, but I have already dyed my hair red, pink, orange, blue, gray, violet and purple. I was also blonde for months before dyeing my hair red.

My hair color now is a lonely wasabi-avocado green, an aftermath of blue hair dye. I am seriously terrified of losing all my hair so I have stopped dyeing it for two months now. Two months might be a short period for a lot of people but for me it has been the longest time I stayed away from my coloring kit. Seriously.

I never stopped daydreaming about what new color would be great. There are always two or more shades circling in my head, forcefully talking me into dyeing my hair again. The only reason I have been this strong in resisting is my desire to grow my hair. I miss my long mermaid strands, please grow now.

To my next unicorn –magic-siren hair!